How It Works

First - Create your profile

Allowing you to post your profile on the site, load photos, search the database for other members, both locally or from around the world and look at other members profiles.

Second - Search and look

Once you have created your profile, you can start searching and start looking!

Your membership will allow you to:

1. Search profiles using the various search options
2. View other member profiles
3. Use the introduction features
4. Receive emails from other members Once you have found someone you wish to know more about. You can send him/her an email.

Third - Send and receive emails

Subscribing allows you not only to send emails to other members, but also access to lots of other stuff too.
Additionally, we are planning some ground breaking stuff in the world of dating, both on and offline. We'll post information about this as we progress.

Welcome on board

So welcome to a whole new perspective as to how a dating site should look and what it should do. To edit your profile, please email us on with all the details. Normally the changes are effective after 48 hours.